The right words when you need them most…

Sometimes there are just not words. And sometimes you need someone else to get them out for you. and Plethora of Words are here to assist you in your darkest hour!

She is gone, and I am broken. You all have your stories, the good, the bad and the ugly. But they all have one ending – Jenny loved life! Jenny was our mum and we loved her. Finding her as we did will stay with us forever – Gone, but gone peacefully and doing what she loved, reading!

She could be difficult, tactless, and rude, as well as a shameless flirt. But she also lived and loved with fire in her heart – She was fun and energetic. Her lust for life was infectious, though her cooking, dancing and earrings left much to be desired!

Jenny was a good friend, always on hand with an opinion, a large glass of wine and the offer of a theatre trip – A woman who loved her cruises and parties, as well as her volunteering at the British Heart Foundation shop.

She was a loving wife to Dad, but always a free spirit, one who had to have her way. If he could, he would be here thanking you all for coming and showing your support, but we will not put him through something he no longer understands.

Jenny was an outstanding nan; Noah James was loved beyond words. Of this there is no contestation. He was her sun, her moon, and she would have given him the stars…

Some may say she was too obsessed, but we’re grateful of this, we smile approvingly at this! And there are just too many amazing memories of her devotion to him for me to begin. Of us all, he will miss her the most.

We did not always see eye to eye, both too headstrong perhaps. But as Noah’s Nanny, she made me, us amazingly proud every single day, and I told her this only days before she left us. She got it right with Noah.

She was my nemesis, my friend, my mum, my regal pain in the ass and there are no words to describe how much I miss her. Who will I argue with now. Who will just appear and drink my wine now. Who will I roll my eyes at and shake my head at.  Who will I love and hate with all I have. And who will hang my wallpaper?

These weeks have taught me this – Forgive quickly, love freely, and take nothing for granted! Live life with passion and love because you never know how long you have left! Our Mum, your friend Jenny Burke, went to sleep on 25th July but forgot to say goodbye.

Written by Vanessa Streete for Jennifer Ann Burke, 27th June 1949 to 25th July 2021.